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Room 26
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4th Grade



HASKELL’s FOURTH GRADE is a collaborative, and very creative group. As a new STEAM school, our grade level goal is to integrate STEAM skills and concepts across the curriculum. Integrated learning is one of our key strategies to accessing the Common Core and Next Generation Science standards. We use data from assessments, class work and our multiple experiences with each student to determine what best meets their needs across the curriculum. As part of our process, we create regular opportunities for purposeful review and refinement of student product. We are committed to supporting our students in expanding in their skills in academics, creativity, peer collaboration and global citizenship.

To facilitate these goals, we designed TERRIFIC TUESDAYS; a signature grade level collaboration that engages our students in an in-depth experience in technology, art, engineering and math.  On TERRIFIC TUESDAYS, our students learn about the basic concepts and elements of design in ART and ENGINEERING, and connect that to math concepts. Students design and create models that reflect creative problem solving.

ENGINEERING on Terrific Tuesdays has our students learning about retrofitting walls damaged in the earth quakes they learned about in SCIENCE and culminating that experience with a math contest for “Best Wall Retro Fitting Job” for the least cost. A real-life preview!

Our school is now a 1:1 iPad school. In TECHNOLOGY students learn 21st century technology skills (researching, creating presentations, and word documents). Our goal is to have students research subject matter from social studies and science and develop a presentation. They learn and use word processing applications to write, edit, print and save simple assignments.  As a culminating activity, students create a brochure and /or a presentation on a project based activity and present to their peers.

In VISUAL ART, our students learn the basic vocabulary and skills of the elements of art. They explore, genre, style, art history and the artists who best represent the time periods. Students research the life and accomplishments of these artists and discuss their elements of style and subject. Later students create their own works of art or echo the work of the greats, such as O’Keeffe, Miro, Picasso, Degas and more. We exhibit student work in a brilliant display for our spring Open House.

In MATH, students are supported by a weekly math review that is targeted for student levels shown in our data or grade level and cross-grade collaboration. We know there are different ways of learning, so our students learn through multiple strategies, including poems and songs.  Our class groupings for math are fluid, so that every child will receive the differentiated instruction they need. Teachers analyze and discuss student data to further tailor homework and extra practice. The look on our students’ faces tells us that they are engaged, interested and learning successfully.